All The Movies Joining Netflix This Week

Anne Hathaway in "The Last Thing He Wanted" (Photo: Laura T. Magruder)

Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe star in an adaptation of a Joan Didion novel directed by Dee Rees this week.

That should be exciting. When I saw the trailer for this journalism-centric Netflix movie, “The Last Thing He Wanted,” I was, in fact, excited. But the critical consensus since then has decided this movie is terrible. The movie has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 38% on Metacritic as of now ― scores that are well into the yikes range.

I have yet to see the movie, as it doesn’t join Netflix until Friday. Given my love for Didion and stories about journalism, I may still check it out. But it’s not looking promising.

Earlier this week, I finally watched the Dafoe-starring “The Florida Project” on Amazon Prime. Maybe you should watch that instead ― especially since Netflix seems to have cleared its movie schedule for the release of “The Last Thing He Wanted.” Only three movies, all of them niche productions, join this week: the well-reviewed horror movie “Girl on the Third Floor,” the poorly reviewed horror parody ”A Haunted House,” and the German movie “System Crasher.”

In any case, you can read more about “The Last Thing He Wanted” and watch the trailer below.

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Notable Movie: “The Last Thing He Wanted,” Feb. 21

Hathaway and Ben Affleck in "The Last Thing He Wanted" (Photo: Laura T. Magruder)

Details: In this political thriller set around the Iran-Contra scandal, a successful journalist entangles herself in a big story she planned to cover. Her reporting begins to fall apart when her dying father asks for a favor she doesn’t fully understand. Given the nature of the dying wish, the journalist makes the foolhardy decision to quit the 1984 presidential campaign trail to oblige him. Fulfilling this task may jeopardize her career as well as her life.

The main cast includes Ben Affleck, Willem Dafoe, Edi Gathegi, Anne Hathaway and Rosie Perez. Dee Rees directed and co-wrote the adapted screenplay.

“The Last Thing He Wanted” runs 1 hour, 55 minutes.

Read On: Here’s how Didion began her 1996 novel of the same name:

Some real things have happened lately. For a while we felt rich and then we didn’t. For a while we thought time was money, find the time and the money comes with it. Make money for example by flying the Concorde. Moving fast. Get the big suite, the multi-line telephones, get room service on one, get the valet on two, premium service, out by nine back by one. 




The Full List Of Movies Joining Netflix

Feb. 21

  • “A Haunted House”
  • “The Last Thing He Wanted”
  • “System Crasher” (Netflix Film)

Feb. 22

  • “Girl on the Third Floor”

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