There's a first time for everything

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There's a first time for everything

It seems that controversial director is no longer satisfied with making films that flew under the 1 Malaysia flag, with his third and latest film, "Kara King", boasting regionally well-known names on the list such as Taiwanese singer Gao Ling Feng and Hong Kong actor Ng Meng Tat, as well as established local artists such as Zhang Shao Ling, Yao Yi and Xiao Hei. It is set to be the director's most ambitious yet, so we are all eager to find out more about one of the new artiste that Prodigee Media is introducing in the musical comedy, Ribbon Ooi. With a cheerful disposition clad in a loud dress and tied up in a much-too-appropriate name, Ribbon is more than eager to prove to us that she is more than just a cotton candy female who plays the lead role of Namewee's younger sister.

Cinema Online went behind-the-scenes on the set of "Kara King" at Tras, Pahang on 4 June 2012 to meet up with Ribbon and talk about her acting experience so far.

Q: Hi Ribbon! Been shooting all day?
Ribbon Ooi: Yes, we've been shooting since 8am in the morning.

Q: How do you feel about shooting your first movie?
Ribbon: It feels good, because I get to experience a lot of new things and everyone takes good care of me.

Q: Why do you say that?
Ribbon: Maybe because I'm the youngest in the cast, not counting the children extras. So everyone gives me the chance to try new things.

Q: Do you get scolded often on the set?
Ribbon: Not really. If I don't do anything wrong then I won't be scolded. I would only get scolded if I did something wrong.

Q: How long have you been practicing before the shoot?
Ribbon: I can't remember how long but every night before I sleep, especially when the shooting date gets closer, I would run through the script, because not only do I have to memorise my lines but I also have to visualise how I am going to act in the scenes.

Q: So you must have been very nervous on set?
Ribbon: Yes, since the day before the production launch, I haven't been getting enough sleep. Actually, I wouldn't say that I was nervous, more like excited. Because everything I do here is my first time and I get worried that I wouldn't be doing it well enough and would trouble everyone with bad takes.

Q: We heard that you are still schooling. So you had to take time off from school to come here and shoot this movie?
Ribbon: Yes. I had to apply 2 weeks off from school.

Q: It must be hard for you to balance between your studies and acting?
Ribbon: I think it is unavoidable, but I think it is more important for me to be able to arrange my schedule and know what I need to do when the time comes.

Q: Now that you've been on set with director Namewee for a time, what do you think about him?
Ribbon: He may look like an abnormal person at first, but he is very passionate about what he is doing. He is also somewhat of a daredevil, as he tries do things that no one else would dare just so that he can make his film more interesting.

Q: How did you immerse yourself into your character?
Ribbon: Actually my character was written partially based on my personality and moulded from there. I'm more of a bossy-type of person, so this character is most of the time quite bossy, but also naïve and clumsy.

Q: As the new artist for Prodigee Media, would you be releasing any single or album soon after this movie?
Ribbon: That will be up to the company to make an announcement for the movie, although I do have a few songs in the original soundtrack of this movie.

Q: Thank you and good luck with the rest of the shoot!
Ribbon: Thank you and you're welcome!