These are the 10 destinations where Indians are travelling to in 2020

Skyscanner has released its data of places that are on the radar of Indians for the coming year based on their search trends.

10. Zurich, Switzerland
Snow peaks, Alps, sparkling waters of Lake Zurich, historic churches, top fashion brands—what else can you ask for from a vacation, right? Zurich ranks number ten in the list of the places Indians want to visit in the New Year. 

9. Kathmandu, Nepal
2020 is a big year for our neighbour as it gears up to greet record number of tourists. The sustained efforts of Nepal Tourism have yielded great results with the country’s capital finishing number nine in the list of destinations where Indians want to fly to in 2020. 

8. Budapest, Hungary
The Hungarian city moved up six spots from last year though it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Budapest has a cool vibe, amazing music scene and kickass nightlife. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

7. Seoul, South Korea
As K-Pop has exploded in this country, it has raised its curiosity among Indians. The Korean influence has only been increasing in India, which is why Seoul’s ranking isn’t surprising either. 

6. Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam has Anthony Bourdain to thank for its popularity. His show with President Obama in Hanoi shot the city into the limelight and for good reason. The backstreet cafes, the connectivity and the need to find a new country to visit has made Hanoi very popular among Indians.

5. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Rounding off the top five is another Vietnamese city. With Indigo and VietJet flying to Ho Chi Minh more than ever before, the city has jumped six spots up from last year. Think of Ho Chi Minh as a new weekend getaway. 

4. Nairobi, Kenya
The Kenyan city has been popular among Indians for a very long time now for its natural wonders and jungle safaris. Nairobi is number four in the list of trending destinations for 2020. 

3. Istanbul, Turkey
The only city that spans across two continents (Europe and Asia), Istanbul is everything you expect it to be. Traditional and cool, easygoing and hip. It isn’t just where two continents meet, it’s where two diverse cultures thrive too. 

2. Malé, Maldives
Malé has always been among the best diving destinations in the world but with return airfares starting from as little as Rs 14,000 this capital of Maldives ranks number two in the list of the places Indians want to visit in 2020.

1. Phuket, Thailand
With Phuket now being the Thailand hub for GoAir, the rainforested, mountainous island has never been more accessible to India as it is now. What’s more, Phuket also offers easy connectivity to other islands such as Phi Phi, Krabi, Ko Pha Nang.

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