‘Thick-skinned!’: Singapore Gojek driver goes berserk at passenger for fiddling with seat and aircon (Video)

A trip between an uptight ride-hailing driver and a fidgety passenger accelerated into a screaming fight as seen in a video circulating online today.

Christopher See Toh posted a three-minute TikTok yesterday of his Gojek driver who was riled up about him adjusting the car’s aircon and seat without asking for his permission.

“Never experience such a rude [G]ojek driver in my life,” the video caption read.

Toh told Mothership that he was headed from Sin Ming Drive to East Coast Road on Saturday evening.

Gojek has not immediately responded to Coconuts’ queries requesting for comment.

In the clip, the driver was trying to kick Toh out of the car and called him “thick-skinned” repeatedly because he should have asked permission before fiddling with the seat and lowering the aircon.

“Because it’s my car, not yours. You’re sitting in people’s car you know, you think what? Taxi ah?” the driver said.

“Since you’re [no longer] my customer, you get out of my car! Or else you’ll be trespassing!” he added.

Toh defended saying that the driver was also in the wrong as he claimed he waited for him for 15 minutes before getting into the car.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I waited for you fifteen minutes,” Toh said.

The driver then said he had the right to kick Toh out of his car but Toh refused.

“No you have to send me to my destination, I’m not getting out of the car!” Toh said.

Toh later demanded for him to drop him off at a police station they were nearing and threatened to lodge a report on him.

When the car was parked, the driver screamed and pointed at Toh to “get out.”

The Red honda drove off immediately after.

There was a good mix of reactions to the video with several commenters on TikTok and Reddit not understanding why the driver was so upset over a trivial matter, with some calling him “petty” with “anger” issues.

“Must the passenger get permission to get in the car and sit down too? Driver seems to have problem over small matter,” Sam Lee wrote on TikTok.

Others sided with the driver, saying its “common courtesy” and “basic” manners to ask for permission.

“No one [should] ever touch any buttons and knobs without asking. This is basic courtesy and common sense,” TikTok user J.ho.21 wrote.

Some Redditors, on the other hand, were more confused over the fact that Toh was sitting in the passenger seat when the majority will sit at the back.

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