So You Think You Can Do My Job - Internet Entrepreneur

So You Think You Can Do My Job - Internet Entrepreneur

By Desiree Yang

Even at the tender age of 22, Abel Chua is already the CEO and founder of Global Blaze Solutions, a software company that provides its clients with revolutionary software solutions. One such example is Globby, a software platform which addresses e-commerce needs of businesses by providing both commerce and marketing analytics in a single platform.

Globby was the result of Abel’s mission to bridge the gap that exists between business owners and their customers. And since its establishment last year, Globby has gone on to serve the needs of more than 100 brands and businesses, with popular model, blogger and co-owner of My Dream Bag, Yan Kay Kay, taking up the role of Globby’s brand endorser.

The Learning Never Stops

“My learning curve changes every day.”

Even as his peers were embarking on the paper chase, Abel chose to forgo an overseas university education after serving his National Service, choosing instead to try his hand at bridging the gap between Internet businesses and customers.

And as a young CEO/entrepreneur who, on occasion, struggles to be accepted among his contemporaries, Abel frankly admits that his job is not for the faint of heart. He has had to overcome countless hurdles, which include struggling to establish any semblance of a work-life balance in his life and ensuring that his company is operating at an optimum level – the latter requires him to make decisions on the company’s headcount when considering the past and projected growth and productivity of his company.

There’s No ‘I’ in Success

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m trying to change a car’s parts while driving it at full speed down a highway.”

When it comes to growing his company, Abel emphasises the importance of hiring the right people for the job, highlighting how each individual plays a vital role in the success of the company – no matter how big or small.

As a young boss with precious little experience in hiring employees, Abel makes it a point to get to know the jobseekers who apply for a position with his company (thereby subtly evaluating their work attitude and ethics) and ensuring that there is a fit between the jobseeker and his company. Most importantly, potential and current employees need to share in the vision of the company, for only then will they be able to work hand-in-hand to realise this vision.

Abel also brings the word ‘teamwork’ to his role as CEO, highlighting how he never makes important business decisions without first seeking a second opinion from people that he trusts and respects.

Words of Wisdom

“Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming the impossible.”

In Abel’s opinion, perseverance, adaptability, a willingness to learn and step out of your comfort zone – these are qualities that are going to help you become an entrepreneur.

In addition, while every business has its own fair share of challenges, Abel feels that the ability to maintain a positive mindset will keep you going – and of course, help you find ways to improve your product(s) and your company.

Most importantly, entrepreneurs need to know why they do the work that they do. In Abel’s case, knowing that he has built a company and a product (Globby) that has effectively met the needs of business owners and changed the way their businesses are run, is one of the most fulfilling rewards he has experienced as an entrepreneur.

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