Third border guard combat brigade formed - Interior minister

State Border Guard Service
State Border Guard Service

Third combat brigade formation of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) named "Gart" was symbolically announced by Ukraine’s Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko on the Border Guard Day, on April 30.

"Border guards showed courage in the battles of 2014. And to this day, the border units and formed combat brigades Steel Border Guard and Revenge continue to fight the enemy, demonstrating great strength and resilience," Klymenko wrote on Telegram, adding that the new brigade is already strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eastern front lines.

The defense of Snake Island, Mariupol, the battle for Kyiv, the liberation from invaders in the north, and in Kharkiv Oblast were only part of the resistance that continues to this day.

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"It is a difficult, but worthwhile path that leads us to the goal of returning to the borders of 1991," Klymenko said.

On April 24, Verkhovna Rada approved a bill to increase the number of Ukrainian SBGS by 15.000 soldiers for more effectively control at the border.

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