Final 'abnormal load' through Ipswich reaches its destination

An abnormal load at Eye Airfield
The load manoeuvred its final turn into Eye airfield

A third and final "abnormal load" has managed to squeeze its way through the streets of Ipswich to its destination - a new power station in Eye.

The transformer was the smallest of three loads that have recently been unloaded from Ipswich docks.

The journey began at about 05:30 GMT and inched its way through the town until it reached Hill View Business Park in Claydon, at about 14:30.

It then travelled on to its final destination via rolling roadblocks.

Suffolk Highways thanked all the teams involved, who worked over four Sundays to get the equipment to Eye.

Abnormal load passing through Ipswich
It gently navigated the Felixstowe Road and Derby Road junction

The transformer will form part of the Progress Power Station.

It travelled along the same route as loads one and two, including Cliff Road, Duke Street, Fore Street, Bishops Hill, Felixstowe Road, Derby Road, Tomline Road, Foxhall Road, Grove Lane and on to St Helen's Street.

It also went along St Margaret's Street, Crown Street, St Matthew's Street and on to Norwich Road.

Traffic signals being removed on Crown Street to allow the abnormal load to pass
Traffic signals were removed on Crown Street to allow the abnormal load to pass over

The second part of the journey saw rolling road closures installed along the A14 and A140.

Suffolk Highways said: "A huge thank you and well done to all teams involved.

"Three abnormal loads moved, a transformer, turbine and a generator, all moved in four Sundays."

The abnormal load crossing a temporary bridge on Brockford Street
A temporary bridge was made at Brockford Street for the load to pass over

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