This adorable pink puppy was dumped outside an animal shelter

Asia and Artie are on the road to recovery (Picture: Caters)

This adorable pink dog is searching for a new home after she was abandoned at an animal shelter alongside her brother.

The boxer, who has since been named Asia, was found by staff at the Animal Friends of the Valley in Wildomar, California, after being left at their anonymous drop off shelter overnight.

She was left alongside her brother and found to be suffering from a rare condition called Demodex Mange – which is believed to be the reason for her unusual pink appearance.

The condition, which is a skin disease caused by mites, usually flares up in dogs who are afflicted with an impaired or underdeveloped immune system.

Asia was dumped outside a dog shelter in California (Picture: Caters)

In turn, it can cause severe itching and pain, along with skin lesions and hair loss.

Jennifer Glover, a vet who cared for the pair, said: ‘I felt so badly for Artie and Asia when I first saw them.

‘But I was encouraged by the fact that we would be able to start helping them.’

She’ll soon be looking for a new owner (Picture: Caters)

Asia, who is ten-months-old, was also found to be suffering from eye and ear infections – along with her two-year-old brother Artie.

They’re now being cared for at Last Chance At Life Animal Rescue Centre in Oceanside, California.

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Glover added: ‘They were very sweet when they arrived but they were depressed. Within just one day of having someone care for them here, they were so much happier and more outgoing.’

Adorable, heartwarming stuff.