This smiling snake is very happy that he’s just been rescued from a very sticky situation

A snake who was stuck in a glue trap showed off his appreciation by giving a huge grin to his rescuers.

The unfortunate serpent was found in a home in Portsmouth, Virginia, unable to free himself from his sticky situation.

Animal control officers from the Portsmouth Police Department got to work helping the snake out by using butter to lubricate it so he could carefully be removed from the trap.

Sticky situation: The snake was found stuck in a glue trap (Portsmouth Police Department)

After some tricky work, the snake was saved - and he seemed to smile at finally being free.

The department wrote online: ”As you can see from the pictures, the snake was really stuck on the trap and was extremely happy once he was freed by these diligent Animal Control Officers.

”The snake was then returned to the outdoors today.“

Glue traps have been described as "cruel and indiscriminate”, subjecting any animal caught up in one to a slow and agonising death.

Top pic: Portsmouth Police Department