This Taylor Swift look-alike will blow your mind

The two look incredibly similar with tousled lobs, winged liner, and sharp statement pouts. (Photo: Instagram/Getty).

We’ve all seen our fair share of doppelgängers — but Kansas City-based 27-year-old April Gloria has taken celebrity twinning to new heights.

Famed on Instagram for her incredible likeness to megastar Taylor Swift, there’s no wonder why Gloria’s drawn close to 50,000 followers. Her hair and makeup choices only accentuate the pair’s similarities.

How could they not share a parent?!

For Gloria, the comparisons are nothing new. In an interview with Seventeen she says she’s been examined alongside the “Bad Blood” singer for years.

“I think the very first time was in fall 2014. I posted a selfie in a blonde wig with blunt bangs and a reddish pink lip, and a few people commented comparing us,” she said.

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“I ended up showing my stylist a photo of her when I got it cut,” she explained. “I was loving Taylor’s 1989-era style, and with the comparisons, I figured her hairstyle would flatter my face pretty well.”

Not only is Gloria a split image of the pop star, they basically share a closet, as well.

Gloria channels T-Swift in a dorky knitted sweater. (Photo: Instagram).

Although the two have yet to appear side-by-side, Gloria’s Instagram is enough to convince us we’re seeing double!

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