This woman got a message from beyond the grave and we'll show you the proof

Susan Kent believes in ghosts, and if you don’t, you might after hearing her story.

In the first episode of Totally Creeped — a new series featuring people who have had paranormal experiences — Yahoo Lifestyle talks to Susan about the life-changing experiencing of witnessing her first ghost.

Susan’s story begins with her mom Barbara, whom she said was always interested in the paranormal. From as early as Susan can remember, her mom did everything she could to connect to the spirit world. “Ouija board was her favorite game,” says Susan.

It was that Ouija Board that set in motion a series of events that would change Susan’s — and her mother’s — life forever.

“She had a best friend and her name was Cece. They were playing Ouija Board one night. They were joking around and my mom said, ‘You better hope I don’t die before you do because you’re gonna get haunted.’” Cece, according to Susan, didn’t find this funny, and so the two made a pact.

“Mom promised Cece that she wouldn’t haunt her if she died first, and Cece promised that she would haunt my mom if she died first.”

Barbara and Cece pictured a few years before her death. (Photo: Susan Kent)

Sadly, Cece passed away first, but it wouldn’t be the last time she made her presence known to Susan and her mother, Barbara.

In this episode of Totally Creeped, Susan tells the tale of what happened when Cece held up her end of the pact she made with Susan’s mother, plus a shocking twist from beyond the grave you’ve got to see to believe.

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