Thousands of Indians in Pantai Sepang no longer support DAP: Ex-party leaders


SEPANG: The Indian community in the Pantai Sepang Putra have lost their confidence in DAP after the party failed to keep its promises to them.

Former DAP Pantai Sepang branch chief R. Vellasamy claimed some 5,000 Indians in the area will not pledge their support to the party in the coming general elections.

"The Indians here are very upset and and angry because DAP leaders, including those in the top leadership have never come to meet the people here since 2008.

"They have never come here to meet us, listen to our plea or solve any of our problems.

"All their promises were plain lies. The Indian community here have unanimously decided that our votes are not for the DAP in the upcoming general elections," he told reporters today.

Meanwhile, the division's former DAP secretary N. Thanaletchumi urged DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang to accept the challenge from former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim to a debate.

"Speaking on behalf of the Indians here, we want Lim to take on the challenge if he wants to prove that he is not a dictator.

"This father and son politics must end for the sake of the people of Malaysia.

"We still respect the party but have lost trust on what the party can do for the people." she added.