Three dogs team up to help each other steal leftover food from kitchen counter

Sabrina Barr
·2-min read

A dog owner has captured the moment three of her pets worked together to steal leftover food from a kitchen counter, with two border collies giving a leg up to a corgi to complete the feat.

The interaction was filmed by Norwegian Line Fatland Frøystad, who runs the @funnybubbledogs account on Instagram.

In the video, border collies Harley and Henry allow corgi Hugo to stand on their backs, enabling the corgi to reach a plate of leftover food that’s sitting on the hob.

Frøystad is a professional dog trainer, so it’s not clear if the ingenious feat has been orchestrated for entertainment purposes or if the clever canines assumed position without coaxing.

Nonetheless, several Instagram users left comments underneath the video saying how cute and funny they found it.

“Now this is teamwork,” one person said.

“The funniest part is that they look so mischievous and happy doing this,” another said.

Frøystad explained that the three dogs are being raised together, with Hugo the corgi always wanting to “do the same” as the border collies, as they all like to “run fast, jump high and steal food from the counter”.

“But a corgi has short legs and all of these things aren’t always easy to do,” the professional dog trainer said.

“So one day after dinner I noticed Hugo was jumping on the back of Henry and Harley to reach the food. The moment he got up he attacked the food.”

Frøystad added that Harley and Henry were “probably hoping” Hugo would share some of the food, “but he didn’t”.

“Looking back, I’m thinking this video has a really good message. We all need to work together to achieve our goals, and, at this time with Covid, I think this video is what we need.”

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