Three Malaysian comics set to bring out their rib-tickling jokes at ‘Comedy Central Stand-Up Asia’

Milad Hassandarvish
Local comedians Nigel Ng, Hannan Azlan and Kavin Jay are bringing their rib-tackling jokes to ‘Comedy Central Stand-Up Asia Season 4’. — Picture Courtesy of Comedy Central Asia

KUALA LUMPUR, November 11 — Looking for a show filled with comedy and laughter?

We have some great news for you.

Comedy Central Stand Up, Asia! is back and promises fresh content packed with lots of humour.

The original series, which was launched in 2016, returns for its fourth season premiering from tomorrow (November 12).

Introducing a fresh stand-up and sketch format, the eight-part series promises to be unstaged, unhinged and unexpected.  

With 14 comedians ready to entertain the audience with rib-tackling jokes, the show features a star-studded line up, including home-grown comedians Kavin Jay, Hannan Azlan and Nigel Ng alongside international names from other parts of Asia and Australia.

The lineup also includes, Aaron Chen (Australia), Zainal Bostaman (Brunei), Storm Xu (China), Yumi Nagashima (Japan/Canada), JR De Guzman (Philippines/US), Ryan Puno (Philippines), Qamarul Haziq (Singapore), Sam See (Singapore) and Brian Tseng (Taiwan).

The show was filmed in front of a “live” audience in October at lyf Funan Singapore.

Singapore’s comedy duo Hirzi Zulkiflie and Benjamin Kheng host the ‘Comedy Central Stand-Up Asia Season 4’. — Picture Courtesy of Comedy Central Asia

It will be hosted by Singapore’s funniest comedy duo and YouTubers Benjamin Kheng and Hirzi Zulkiflie.

Malay Mail spoke to Kavin, Hannan and Ng to get a hint of what to expect from this season.

Kavin Jay

Known as Malaysia’s grumpiest comedian and rapid-fire joke machine, Kavin said he expected the fourth season to have a much “looser” feel and is excited to see how the two hosts will have their sketches tie into the stand-up comedy on the show.

Kavin Jay is dubbed Malaysia’s grumpiest comedian because he complains about everything. — Picture Courtesy of Comedy Central Asia

Having performed in various countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Australia and the UK, Kavin said he was always proud to represent Malaysia on any stage and share the ‘Malaysian’ sense of humour with the world.

Without giving too much away, he hinted that there was a segment in the show where he would talk about the friendly rivalry between Malaysia and its neighbour Singapore, and how Malaysia will always (for better or worse) be more interesting.

Hannan Azlan

Dubbed “the fastest-rising star of the Malaysian comedy scene”, Hannan blends her musical talent with her jokes.

In 2016, she became the youngest comedian and the first woman ever to win the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition since its inception over a decade ago.

Growing up as a precocious musician and theatre student, Hannan got into comedy in 2015 after she met stand-up comedian Harresh AU, who persuaded her to give it a try.

She then thought it would be a great idea to incorporate ukulele and a melodic voice to her jokes.

Hannan Azlan is a musical performer, writer and improviser who ventured into the world of comedy in 2015. — Picture Courtesy of Comedy Central Asia

For the show, Hannan said she has come up with multiple songs about a boy, her parents, a cover of Justin Bieber, a song about her best friend, one dedicated to white people and one Asian toilet joke.

She also noted that the show doesn’t necessarily highlight the Asian culture, but showcases the thoughts, feelings and experiences of distinct personalities from across Asia and Australia.

“I cannot fully define what “Malaysian humour” is as I think this is a personal thing and varies from person to person, much like our people,” she added.

Hannan also hoped that censorship would not be too big a hurdle to manage for her due to the nature of her jokes.

Nigel Ng

Ng is no stranger to households in the UK.

The London-based comedian made his TV debut in 2018 on Comedy Central in Rob Delaney’s Stand Up Central followed by British comedy series Roast Battle.

Bringing his unique blend of humour to the series, Ng promised that this season of the show was going to be great.

“The stand-up section was a lot of fun to film, and all the unstaged sketches and segments were exciting to shoot.

“This season’s concept is interesting, as it will blend the multiple styles of humour from popular comics worldwide,” he said, adding that he was proud to represent Malaysia on the global stage.

London-based Nigel Ng has been dubbed ‘Culture-clash comedian’ by British daily newspaper The Times. — Picture Courtesy of Comedy Central Asia

He also hinted that his jokes in the show centre on his childhood and Malaysian food.  

“My jokes will revolve around growing up as a Malaysian kid, and also feature how Malaysian food is treated in the Western world,” he said.

However, he noted that some of his jokes needed a bit of tweaking given that this show will cater to a different audience that those in the UK.

Comedy Central Stand-Up, Asia! will premiere on Comedy Central in Asia every Tuesday (from tomorrow) at 8.30pm.

Since the channel was launched across South-east Asia in 2012, Comedy Central has become one of the fastest growing brands for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN), which is now available 24/7 in 16 Asian markets via 80 providers.

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