Three men arrested for police officer impersonation scam


Photo of a pair of handcuffs (Getty Images)

Three men aged between 20 and 44 have been arrested for their suspected roles in two cases where they impersonated police officers in order to scam victims.

The police said that in both cases, the victims received phone calls from unknown persons claiming to be police officers. The victims were told they were being investigated by the police for money laundering and scam offences. The calls were then transferred to other unknown persons identifying themselves as police officers from another country.

In the first case reported to the police on 22 March, a 31-year-old man was was given an Internet link to a page that was made to look like the Singapore Police Force website. The victim was then instructed to key in his Internet banking credentials into the webpage and also disclosed the one-time-password from his Internet banking dongle. This allowed the scammers to access his account and transfer S$35,000 to an unknown account.

In the second case, lodged on 27 March, a 47-year-old woman was asked to apply for an Internet banking dongle and to provide her online banking credentials to the person claiming to be a police officer. The victim’s account was then accessed illegally and about S$34,000 was transferred out of it.

The trio was arrested on Monday (27 March). After preliminary investigations, it is believed that the three men were were involved in at least three other similar cases where victims suffering losses amounting to a total of about S$90,000.

Two of the suspects will be charged in court on Wednesday (29 March) and face up to five years’ jail if found guilty of dishonestly receiving stolen property. Investigations against the third suspect are ongoing.