‘Thrice Married Woman’ Ha Seok Jin Attracts Viewers with his Luxurious Style

[by Sunghee Park] Ha Seok Jin’s luxurious look in SBS\' drama ‘Thrice Married Woman’ has been captivating audiences’ eyes.

In the series, Ha Seok Jin appears as a son of rich family, ‘Kim Joon Goo.’ In each episode of the drama, he has been showing various golf-wears and lounge looks.

In a recent episode, he presented a chic and modern golf-wear look. The actor matched a navy vest and a beige cardigan with colorful plaid patterned pants, completing his refined look. Moreover, the combination of stripe design and quilting details created a classic yet sporty mood.

In the other episode, Ha Seok Jin matched a cream colored sweater with similar colored pants for a comfortable and neat lounge wear. Black and red color arrangement on his shoulder maximized a refined and masculine mood.

Meanwhile, Ha Seok Jin’s ‘Thrice Married Woman’ is being aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9:55 PM. (photo by Thrice Married Woman capture)

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