Thumbs up from public on AWAS' demerit point scheme


KUALA LUMPUR: The public is keen on the implementation of a demerit point scheme under the Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS), which will come into effect in stages at the end of the year.

The New Straits Times took to the streets to ask Malaysians for their views on the implementation of the regulation for traffic offenders.

Noraziah Amir, 51, a marketing executive, said the system should have been introduced a long time ago.

“The law is there, but the implementation is not strict enough. The authorities should have fined offenders caught red-handed a long time ago," she said.

Zinol Hussein, 49, said it is a good plan, but the authorities should cut fist-time offenders some slack.

"If the (driver keeps repeating the offence), then their licence should be suspended.

"The authorities should (indeed) start a demerit point system. Implement (it) so that people will start taking it seriously," he said

Engineer Mohd Aidil Mohd Nawawi, 31, said authorities should increase the usage of closed-circuit cameras (CCTVs) at traffic light junctions for proof of traffic offences.

"Most offences are being committed at traffic light junctions. It will be great if more CCTVs are placed at traffic lights in order to curb drivers from running red lights," he said.

Despatcher S. Baskaran, 35, said people should consider other road users, and not take life-and-death matters lightly.

"I am totally with the authorities on this matter. There are too many drivers who do not care about others while they are on the road. By exercising the demerit system, I hope things will start to change," he said.

S. Baskaran

Faris Dziauddin Zaharuddin, 30, an advertising executive, said the problem is not a lack of rules and regulations, but their poor implementation.

"If the authorities take this thing seriously, the public will have no choice but to obey the rules," he said.

S R A Ganapathy

S R A Ganapathy, 40, said stern enforcement is the right way to go.

"This is similar to what happened when the government wanted to implement the Goods and Services Tax, back in 2015. Everyone was against it, but when it was implemented, (nobody went) against it. I think the demerit point system will also be the same thing," he said.