Thursday's Morning Email: Tributes Pour In For Hugh Hefner, Founder Of Playboy

Lauren Weber
(Fred Prouser / Reuters)


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HUGH HEFNER, THE FOUNDER OF PLAYBOY, IS DEAD AT 91 The legendary ladies’ man died of natural causes. Tributes are pouring in from former bunnies and Hollywood. Take a look at Playboy’s tribute to the man who made silk pajamas cool. And Hefner fans took to Twitter to thank him for the articles. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook]

UNDERSTANDING TRUMP’S TAX PROPOSAL Which, while pitched as a “middle-class” tax cut plan, lacked many concrete numbers and included quite a few incentives for the upper class. [HuffPost

‘AND SO JEDIDIAH BROWN GAVE ALL OF HIMSELF TO THE CITY HE LOVED’ “His faith in himself and his city lost, Jedidiah Brown drove off the curb of Lake Shore Drive, rattled down a set of stairs and braked feet from the drop into Lake Michigan.” [HuffPost]

TRUMP SAYS HE’S NOT HAPPY WITH TOM PRICE As the House Oversight Committee is now taking a look at the HHS secretary’s $400,000 worth of private plane travel. [HuffPost]

EPA HEAD SCOTT PRUITT ISN’T SKATING FREE FROM SCRUTINY EITHER For his spending on noncommercial airfare, a security detail and a sound booth. [HuffPost]

HOW PUERTO RICO’S CORPORATE OVERLORDS Doomed the U.S. territory to darkness and dirty electricity. [HuffPost]

TWO WOMEN SAY THEY HAVE LOST PREGNANCIES IN IMMIGRANT DETENTION SINCE JULY “Raising concerns among lawyers and immigrant rights groups that the Trump administration is detaining pregnant women is greater numbers, putting the health of women and the babies they’re carrying at risk in the process.” [HuffPost]

SO ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI IS GIVING JOURNALISM A GO Yes, you read that correctly. [HuffPost]


69 PERCENT OF AMERICANS WANT TRUMP TO STOP TWEETING According to Quinnipiac University. [HuffPost]


HEADS UP, CALIFORNIA COFFEE LOVERS A cancer warning label may show up on your cup of joe. [HuffPost]

‘THE EVOLUTION OF FAT WOMEN ON TV’ “In many of the instances in which a fat woman graces the TV screen as a lead, the entire premise of the show has to do with weight.” [Vulture]

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SAY LA CROIX? We thought you pronounced the x for a solid couple of years. [HuffPost]

PITBULL HAS BEEN SENDING HIS PRIVATE JET TO PUERTO RICO To bring cancer patients back and forth to the U.S. [HuffPost]



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