Thursday's Morning Email: How Trump Turned A Call For A Fallen Soldier Into Another Gold Star Firestorm


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PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S CALL TO SOLDIER’S FAMILY CREATES SELF-MADE FIRESTORM Despite the president claiming otherwise, the mother of fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson said the president “disrespected” her family. And White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders raised doubt about the existence of Trump’s claim to “proof” that he never said Johnson “knew what he signed up for.” This Gold Star father says Trump offered him $25,000 and never followed through. Another Gold Star dad said he wanted to learn how to use Twitter to call the president “a liar” over his claims of contacting all of the families of the fallen. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] CALIFORNIA FIRES EXPOSE FLAWS IN EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM 65 percent of U.S. counties reportedly do not have the authorization to send advisories via wireless emergency alerts. And wine country isn’t the only thing that’s been destroyed ― just ask the cannabis growers. [HuffPost] ROY MOORE’S FOUNDATION ACCEPTED A $1,000 CHECK FROM A NAZI GROUP IN 2005 The Republican nominee for Senate in Alabama did not respond for comment. [HuffPost] HEALTH INSURANCE FOR 9 MILLION KIDS STILL UP IN THE AIR “It’s been 3 weeks since it expired, and several states will run out of money soon.” [HuffPost] SUSPECT ARRESTED AFTER DEADLY TWO-STATE SHOOTING RAMPAGE That left three people dead and three more critically injured in Maryland and Delaware yesterday. [HuffPost] THE HARVEY WEINSTEIN SCANDAL YOU DIDN’T HEAR ABOUT Remember the amfAR affair? [HuffPost] THE ISLAMIC STATE’S TERRORIZATION OF A CITY WORLDS AWAY FROM RAQQA How militants in the Phillipines took over and devastated Marawi. [WSJ | Paywall] WHAT’S BREWING

‘THE BIG DARK’ A look at the swath of storms stretching from China to the U.S. [HuffPost] NETFLIX KNOWS WHICH SHOWS YOU BINGE THE FASTEST Because they know everything. [HuffPost] THE MOST ABSURD GIFTS FROM THE NEIMAN MARCUS CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE $1 million price tag included. [HuffPost] WE WANT BEYONCE’S MONEY CLUTCH All 10,000 Austrian crystals and all. [HuffPost] WE WERE SURPRISED BY THE RATTIEST CITY We figured the wind would scare off the rodents. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO

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