Tiffany Ima urges fans to treat their bodies with 'kindness and respect' in new video

Tiffany Ima is spreading a body positive reminder on social media. (Photo via @tiffanyima on Instagram)
Influencer Tiffany Ima penned a body positive reminder on social media. (Photo via @tiffanyima on Instagram)

Tiffany Ima is reminding fans about the importance of self-love.

Earlier this week, the influencer took to Instagram to share a video featuring a body positive tip with her 111,000 followers.

In the clip, Ima posed for the camera and spun in a circle while Megan Thee Stallion's hit song "Her" played in the background.

For the Instagram Reel, Ima wore a baby pink mini dress with matching open-toe heels and large glasses. She put some of her dark braids in space buns on the top of her head while the rest of her hair flowed down her back.

"Instead of forcing yourself to love your body, work on treating it with kindness and respect," read the video's on-screen text.

In the caption, Ima detailed her "body image healing" journey.

"I tried over and over to convince myself I was in love with my body. I would shout affirmations at myself: 'You are beautiful! I am in love [with] my body!' But it didn't work out because I had a long way to go before I believed those words," she explained. "Instead, I needed to remove that belief that beauty and worth were one in the same. I needed to learn to respect my body and believe I was worthy regardless of what I looked like."

Ima added that she was able to discover her beauty when she started respecting herself.

"I could embrace my features because I rejected the Eurocentric standards. I began to trust that there wasn't a person in this world that could take away my worth," she continued. "And for me, the respect eventually led to loving every part of me. I didn't need to force it."

In the comments, fans gushed over Ima's words.

"Yes! I started with 'self-like' and that went a long way," one fan wrote.

"That's the pure truth, the respect is such a huge part of the equation," another chimed in.

"Love this message, but can we also talk about this look? So cute!" someone replied.

"Yes, queen. Taking care of my body is part of the journey," added someone else.

"Yes! For me it was to stop buying clothes that were too small to motivate me to lose what?! Biggest scam! Now, I just buy the right size. Took me forever to learn," one person shared.

Ima often takes to social media to share messages about body positivity, self-love and beauty.

In August, the influencer shared another Instagram Reel of herself where she defined her own beauty standards.

"I am my own d—n beauty standard," read the video's on-screen text. In the clip, Ima rocked a mint green tank top, floral shorts and a pale yellow blazer.

"And can't nobody tell me nothing to make me think differently," she wrote in the post's caption. "Most of my teens and twenties, I wished I had lighter skin and looser hair. I got tired of believing my blackness wasn't beautiful and started owning my features. That's why it's so damn hard to cut down confident black women and femmes because most of the time, they fought hard for that confidence. And I ain't letting go of it."

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