TikTok beauty tutorial ends in tears after trolls fill comments with hate

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What was meant to be a regular beauty tutorial for her followers on TikTok turned out to be a painful session for the influencer as haters called her “pig” and “zombie,” among other things in the comments.

TikTok user @Sobahrajaa_, who has 20,000 followers, became the target of cyberbullies during her livestream yesterday, which ended with her quietly wiping away her tears with tissue paper. Fortunately, scenes from the footage has since made its way on Twitter, where it has gotten the support and attention of thousands of others including singer Yuna.

“Ignoring the trolls (they don’t deserve the clout they sad AF).. this girl is just doing her thing i love it!!” the Crush singer, whose real name is Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, said today.

Others leading calls to support the bullied influencer was Twitter user @Hadyna_, who shared a thread about “toxic Malaysians” bullying @Sobahrajaa_ for not fitting “typical beauty standards.”

“When someone who doesn’t fit typical beauty standards does a livestream, people have many hurtful things to say,” the thread said. The beauty influencer herself has told @Hadyna_ that she tried not to let the comments get to her.

“I try not to care about hateful comments, but it can be hurtful. I have already forgiven those who said mean things about me,” she said.

Nearly a thousand people were watching the live tutorial as trolls posted the comments. One of them even said, “go ahead and cry.”

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