TikTok calls chef's 'candy corn grilled cheese' an 'abomination': 'Nobody asked for this'

The worst thing to happen to you this Halloween might be this candy corn grilled cheese.

TikToker and home chef @thevulgarchef made the so-called “CCGC.” He joked that it was because a lot of people asked him for the recipe. So whether you love or hate candy corn, you can be sure you’ll probably despise this snack.

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To complete the social experiment, the chef buttered two slices of bread and added cheese and candy corn. First, he grilled them open-faced with a lid to melt the candy. Then, he closed the sandwich and cooked each side.

“Candy corn is a lot like eating teeth. If you could soften up teeth, like, boil them — soften them up and then eat them — I think candy corn is kind of similar to what that would be like,” he said after taking a bite of the sandwich.

The chef added that the CCGC was a bit sweet, so he topped it off with some hot sauce.

As you might imagine, the comment section had a lot to say about the epic CCGC.

“Sorry dude. Not on a dare. Not if I were paid,” a TikToker added.

“Nobody asked for this,” a user wrote.

“Bro nooo,” someone replied.

“Abomination,” another commented.

“My man, did you say the CCGC is a LITTLE sweet??” a person said.

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