TikTok Debunked: Expert weighs in on styling your hair using public hand dryers

There may be more than meets the eye to this seemingly incredible hair hack.

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On TikTok, people have been drying and curling their hair using Dyson hand dryers found in public restrooms. But is it safe? (Photo via Getty Images)
On TikTok, people have been drying and curling their hair using Dyson hand dryers found in public restrooms. But is it safe? (Photo via Getty Images)

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Over the years, beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts have turned to TikTok to keep up with the latest hair, nail and makeup trends.

One of the app's most viral hair videos has users either scratching their heads — or running to their closest public restroom (yes, you read that correctly).

While the video shows an easy and effective way to dry and curl your hair using Dyson touchless hand dryers, there may be more than meets the eye to this seemingly incredible hair hack.

Read on for everything you need to know about this social media trend, and whether or not a hair expert endorses it.

The claim — and how it started

  • Last year, TikTok user @kiingliima posted a video of herself tossing her hair into a Dyson hand dryer.

  • "Run to y'all public restroom ASAP to get that Dyson Airblade curls," she wrote on the screen of the clip, which received more than 200,000 likes.

  • To participate in this trend, all you have to do is find a public restroom with Dyson Airblade hand dryers. Dunk your hair in the dryer to activate the hot air, and watch the magic happen.


  • Since @kiingliima's video went viral for transforming her wet tresses into dry, bouncy curls, many people have ventured to public restrooms to try it out for themselves — and post their results on the app.

  • However, a doctor on TikTok, who goes by the handle @madmedicine, stitched the video with his take on the trend from a medical perspective.

  • Ultimately, the doctor revealed that "hand dryers in public restrooms are extremely disgusting" and "they can spread more bacteria compared to just towels."

An expert weighs in

To get a hair expert's opinion on the trend, Yahoo Canada interviewed Brittany Da Silva, co-founder of HAIRGOD based in North York, Ont.

When asked her initial thoughts on the viral clip, Da Silva explained while the results may be beautiful, the germs are a major downside.

Abstract Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Bacteria - 3d rendered microbiology image. Medical research, health-care concept. SEM (TEM)scanning view
Harmful bacteria is often found in public restroom hand dryers. (Photo via Getty Images)

"The air in the Dyson hand dryer manipulates the hair causing the ends to bend, giving that bouncy blowout look. This look is similar to that of using the Dyson Air Wrap, a machine that retails for over $700," Da Silva said. "However, when you actually start to research how much bacteria hand dryers contain and expel, it’s really not worth the style!"

Additionally, Da Silva added if you have open wounds on the scalp and decided to try the trend, the bacteria from the dryer could cause an infection and folliculitis.

Another element to consider is that your hair might get stuck in the machine.

"It is highly possible for the hair to get stuck. Since these machines are not engineered for drying hair, it is recommended to avoid doing so. I would strongly advise not following this trend," Da Silva said.

Instead of using hand dryers to style your locks, Da Silva recommends people use items that were actually designed for hair, such as curling irons and rollers.

"Don’t forget, a good old fashion blow dryer and round brush comb can work wonders," the stylist said.

Female client in beauty salon. Close-up of hairdressers hand drying blond hair with hair dryer and round brush, doing professional hairstyle
Da Silva recommends using safe hair styling tools, such as a hair dryer and a round brush. (Photo via Getty Images)

Is it debunked?

After studying the trend and learning from the experts, Yahoo Canada has debunked this TikTok fad.

While many users were impressed that hand dryers offer a quick and low-cost way to style their hair, the exposure to harmful bacteria and the possibility of getting your hair stuck makes this craze a no-go.

It's important to remember while TikTok is a platform filled with fun and useful tips, the content on the app is not regulated and may not always be true or safe.air w

"I recommend that people do your own research on products/hot tools that they see on TikTok before purchasing them and/or consulting with their stylist to get expert information," Da Silva said. "Remember, everyone has different hair texture, so what might work for someone on TikTok, may not be the best option for you."

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