TikTok joker screams Singapore neighborhoods in Miss Universe style (Video)

While this year’s Miss Universe contest concluded on Sunday, the pageant is still providing plenty of fodder for amusing social media content. One example is this local TikTokker who hilariously parodied one of Miss Universe’s most famous traditions by localizing it in the most Singaporean way.

TikTok user Samantha Tan imagined what it would be like if each of Singapore’s neighborhood representatives competed in the world-renowned beauty pageant. In every edition, there’s a segment where delegates have to shout their country’s name out loud to introduce themselves.

Tan did exactly that, but in obnoxious Singaporean fashion.

“Who will be Miss Singapore?


” Tan wrote.

Tan put on different wigs and wedding gowns to represent beauty queens who screamed the names of neighborhoods like Tampines, King Albert Park, Lim Chu Kang and Tan Kah Kee. She included elaborate hand gestures and a mouth as wide as ever for some.

Her impressions of Yishun and Tengah were particularly “fierce” and funny, according to commenters.

“[I]’m torn between Yishun and Tengah,” Tik Tok user Foxywolfy22 wrote.

Others said the impressions were “on point” and begged for another parody.

“I’m from Yishun and I’m so proud of you for showcasing the true Yishun spirit!” TikTok user Melanie Hendricks wrote.

The pageant’s 71st edition this year ended with the crowning of Miss USA R’Bonney Gabriel as Miss Universe 2022. Miss Universe Singapore Carissa Yap, unfortunately, failed to enter the qualifying rounds but she did don an impressive outfit made of 3D-printed orchids for her National Costume and represented her country loud and proud.

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