TikTok is loving this bride-to-be’s vintage robe collection for her bridesmaids: ‘So much better than buying cheap fast fashion’

Instead of opting for fast fashion, a bride went the vintage route when sourcing “getting ready” robes for her bridal party — and now she’s winning accolades from sustainably-focused Gen-Zers online.

TikToker Kaitlin Anne (@kaitlinnanne) gained over 1.5 million views, 192,000 likes, 15,000 saves and 700 comments when she shared her vintage robe collection online.

But Kaitlin’s not the only TikTok bride opting for meaningful secondhand pieces for her wedding. Recently a bride brought her grandmother to tears when she wore her 1970s courthouse dress down the aisle at her wedding rehearsal — and before that, a bridal shop went viral for turning a mom’s 1984 boxed-up wedding dress into a modern rehearsal-dinner dress.

These unique wedding videos speak to a larger trend of Gen Z and younger millennial brides turning to heirloom and vintage pieces for their special day — not only for their dresses and those of their bridal party but for chairs, table settings, favors and more.

By eschewing fast fashion and mass-produced products, the trend is heralding in a new era of more meaningful — and more eco-friendly — weddings.

After she finished sourcing her bridal party’s “getting ready” robes for her wedding, Kaitlin took to TikTok to share the collection with viewers.

In the video, she explains that each robe’s color and design was specifically chosen to correspond to their dress — and, in the case of her mom, their personality as well. She also sourced vintage handbags as gifts for everyone in her wedding party.

TikTokers took to the comments to applaud Kaitlin’s collection, both for how beautiful each of the pieces were and for how sustainable and meaningful they were.

“This is so much better than buying cheap fast fashion robes! Fabulous!” commented @nodramaonlykdrama.

“What a fun and special idea while also being sustainable!! Love love,” wrote @ericarosenthal1.

“This is awesome! I would definitely keep that over ones that said ‘bridesmaid’ on the back lol,” commented @c.i.a.n.n.a.

Kaitlin isn’t the only TikToker to look to the past when it came time to select her wedding apparel. TikToker Vera (@justverasaccount) gained over 2 million views when she unboxed her 1930s liquid satin wedding dress — fabric that Vera says is nearly impossible to find in modern gowns.

“So glad people are wearing historical wedding dresses … I did for my wedding and it was 10x more special,” commented @annetaylorstudio.

To this, Vera replied, “Definitely a less traditional thing to do but it’s getting more popular recently I think.”

But it’s not just dresses and robes that brides are buying secondhand. Diningware is also getting a vintage makeover — saving couples a ton of money when planning their wedding receptions.

TikToker Amanda Steyer (@slowlivingsimplifiedas) gained over 4.2 million views when she shared her vintage glassware collection, which she’d spent a year thrifting for her wedding.

In a follow-up video, Steyer showed viewers exactly how she’d used the glassware and what her final table settings looked like.

“This is a wedding of roughly 175 people and we thrifted the majority of items for it: china, silverware, glasses, furniture, chairs, etc,” she wrote in the caption.

As Steyer explained, after the wedding, she and her husband resold most of the glass pieces to a local rental company, as well as to Facebook Marketplace buyers.

But viewers who had also thrifted glassware for their wedding commented that the glasses doubled as wedding favors for their guests.

“I love this. So much more original and thoughtful than the junk for wedding rentals!!!!” commented @thebusybeazboutique.

Rental companies are also getting in on the secondhand vintage trend.

Wedding and event rental company @idahoeventrentals is encouraging couples to opt for cheaper and more eco-friendly diningware by selecting mismatched, secondhand China, which they source from vintage shops.

Another wedding company, Wisconsin-based wedding venue @springhopebarn, took to TikTok to show viewers (and potential clients) how much personality and charm thrifted chairs can bring to a ceremony.

Hopefully, by opting for secondhand pieces, couples can help cut down on wedding-generated waste — all while saving money and creating special keepsakes.

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