TikTok mom claims Instacart shopper went rogue on her order and delivered 34 boxes of Hamburger Helper

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TikTok parent Mandy (@twomomssquad) shared a video detailing how an Instacart shopper allegedly went rogue on her order and gave her 34 boxes of beef Stroganoff instead of the groceries she requested.

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Mandy is a parent, content creator and LGBTQ activist who shares candid clips of everyday life with her wife and kids. Mandy recently posted a viral video featuring her latest Instacart experience in which the shopper allegedly gave her 34 boxes of Hamburger Helper instead of the supplies she ordered. Viewers, including many who work for Instacart, understand her beef with the shopping app.

“We’re in quarantine. Yay! Our whole family has Covid,” Mandy explains at the beginning of the clip. Having no choice but to have her groceries delivered to the house, Mandy placed an order on Instacart for “the essentials,” such as Pedialyte, ice pops, water and Gatorade, and let the Instacart shopper choose replacements for any items out of stock.

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However, while Mandy was taking care of her kids, she says she was unaware that the shopper had been messaging her about item substitutions. As a result, the shopper allegedly picked “whatever” for Mandy and her family.

“And here’s what they picked,” Mandy declares, punctuating each word with her index finger before panning her camera to reveal several bags filled with what turned out to be 34 boxes of beef Stroganoff.

“Thirty. Four. Boxes,” Mandy says, rummaging through the bags in disbelief. “What am I going to do with all this beef Stroganoff?” Mandy asks viewers in a state of bewilderment at the end of the video.

Hamburger help her

Viewers, including many Instacart shoppers, took to the comments to commiserate with Mandy in her astonishment.

“I’m an Instacart shopper, and I am honestly curious what was going through that person’s mind to think those were good replacements for your items,” shared one user.

“Somebody hamburger-help-her,” one TikToker joked.

Donate them to a food pantry,” suggested another viewer.

In a follow-up post, which has logged more than 1.8 million views, Mandy shared Instacart’s response, which included a full refund of her order. However, she still has more than a few “leftovers.”

“They made it right, but I still have 34 boxes of beef Stroganoff,” she said.

Considering the number of boxes, “Where’s the beef?” won’t be a question in Mandy’s household anytime soon.

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