TikTok Says Farmhouse Kitchens Are Out for 2024—Here’s How to Upgrade

Interior design experts offer helpful tips on how to revamp your kitchen for a look that will never go out of style.

<p>Joe Hendrickson/Getty Images</p>

Joe Hendrickson/Getty Images

The spacious and homey farmhouse kitchen has been a popular trend for years. Its shaker cabinets with white or butcher block countertops offer a clean and airy feel, while the vintage-inspired appliances and large dining table all give a welcoming ambiance. But now, this once-popular kitchen trend may not be as sought-after this year.

According to the TikTok user @NationalStoneLV, who's representative in the video works in countertops and flooring, the farmhouse look is on its way out in 2024, but notes there are variations of the look that we’ll be seeing instead.

We spoke to a few design experts to confirm what TikTok is saying and get their advice on how to upgrade your kitchen in 2024.

Are Farmhouse Kitchens Really Out?

Patrick and Meghan Sharp, the design duo behind Serenbe’s Mr + Mrs Sharp say they don’t believe any “one style of kitchen is necessarily ‘out’ in 2024,” but they do feel the “farmhouse craze may have subsided.” While they say a traditional kitchen with farmhouse elements is a timeless option, they don’t see a return to a full-on farmhouse look anytime soon.

Dallas-based interior designer Laura Botelho of Laura Botelho Interiors agrees and believes the traditional farmhouse kitchen style is now being replaced with a more European cottage look. “This style feels more timeless and mixes old and new in a way that feels organic. We’re also seeing a comeback of warm neutrals and using natural stones and matte surfaces.”

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How to Upgrade Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Swap Out Fixtures

To achieve a more European cottage look, Botelho says to swap out the “modern shiny golds or farmhouse matte black metals” with aged brass for the cabinet hardware, faucets, and light fixtures.

Ditch the White Backsplash

Botelho adds, “Another great way to upgrade the farmhouse look is to remove white subway tiles or a white ceramic backsplash and instead go for tile with a natural variation in color and surface appearance for a more organic feel.”

Incorporate Timeless Design Elements

Marisa Bettencourt, Interior Designer and Founder of North + Fair Interior Design is all about keeping kitchen designs timeless since renovations are so expensive and time-consuming. She says you can freshen up the farmhouse-style look simply by “incorporating timeless design elements that can grow with you.”

One way of going about achieving a timeless design is by seeking out visual inspiration to help understand which design elements speak to you in terms of “color, texture, symmetry, or asymmetry, and decorative details,” Bettencourt explains. This can help achieve your style and help avoid an “overly themed space.” Instead of multiple pops of color, choose just one to pair with more neutral tones such as wood or light countertops, and keep patterns on the more subtle side so it’s not “overwhelming to the eye.”

Upgrade Your Cabinets

One of the main attributes of a farmhouse kitchen is the square "shaker style" cabinet which designer Eugene Corless of EF Corless Interiors says is something that’s been done way too many times.

“Something more nuanced and special, rather than the traditional ‘shaker style’ is always interesting to me,” says Corless. “I have also enjoyed a mixture of contrasting finishes such as a stained oak lower with lightly painted upper cabinets but both in the same profile so that it still feels cohesive.”

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