TikToker reveals 'hidden staircase' that leads to 'secret room' on airplanes: 'Did you know about this?'

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A travel influencer is blowing TikTokers’ minds after revealing there’s a “secret room” on some airplanes where flight attendants and pilots can take naps in total privacy.

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Michelle Gonzalez (@laxtoluxury) is a Los Angeles-based travel expert who has grown her fan base by posting travel tips and sharing some of her luxurious vacation spots. In a recent series of uploads on TikTok, Gonzalez answered common travel questions like what does “SSSS” mean when it’s printed on your boarding pass and what the most efficient way to store your carry-on luggage is.

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But one video totally surprised viewers. 

“Do you know about this secret room where your pilots and flight attendants sleep?” Gonzalez asked in the caption.

“It’s called the crew rest, and on this Dreamliner, it’s located behind the cockpit, up these hidden stairs that lead to a small room,” Gonzalez explained in the clip. “[There are] two beds that have curtains you can pull around them for additional privacy.”

Dreamliner is another name for the Boeing 787 series. There are three different versions — the 787-8, which can carry 210 to 250 passengers; the 787-9, which can carry 250 to 290 passengers; and the 787-10, which can carry 300 to 330 passengers. All three have crew rests, along with a number of other large planes.

The crew rest is ideal for long flights when crew members have off-duty time. 

Some commenters seemed alarmed by the idea that pilots were taking breaks during flights.

“I certainly hope pilots don’t go to sleep during flights,” someone wrote.

“They have to on long flights!” Gonzalez responded in the comments. “They rotate. I’ve taken several 17-hour flights — you definitely don’t want your pilot awake and working for that long.”

Federal regulations only allow pilots to fly for a maximum of 60 hours per week. With a single flight crew, a pilot’s duty range is between nine and 14 hours. But with multiple pilots — which is more common on longer flights — the limits are between 13 and 19 hours. 

Because the crew rest is also hidden behind a door, many TikTok users had no idea that it existed. 

“From now on, if an airline tells me they’re fully booked, I know what I’m requesting,” a commenter joked.

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