Woman leaves TikTok deeply divided with 'life-changing' kitchen hack: 'You can do what?'

Dillon Thompson
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If you look around online, you’ll find plenty of tips on how to open an avocado without a knife.

However, a new TikTok life hack might have you rethinking everything you know about avocados.

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The trick comes from a user named Lydia, who’s drawn millions of views for sharing her surprisingly controversial avocado-opening method. Some TikTokers have called the hack “life-changing,” while others have said it’s too “gross” to even consider trying.

“Forgot my knife at home,” Lydia captioned her clip.

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In the video, Lydia pinches off the top of her avocado, then starts squeezing. To the surprise of many TikTok users, the green fruit starts shooting out of the skin — almost like a squeeze bottle. Many TikTokers were completely blown away by the trick.

“Honestly this is life-changing,” one commenter wrote.

“This feels so wrong, but is actually pretty smart,” another added.

“Excuse me, you can do what?” another asked.

Others, meanwhile, were far less supportive.

“This feels illegal,” one user joked.

“This is upsetting,” another added.

Some TikTokers also questioned whether or not the hack was even real. As a few users pointed out, the avocado has to be pretty dang ripe for this to work.

Still, other users tried out the method and found that it does in fact work — depending on the situation, at least. Among those brave souls were the popular TikTokers Party Shirt, who are known for their willingness to fact-check viral life hacks.

“I personally would prefer to use the regular method,” the TikTokers said in their clip.

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