TikToker who lives in a van shows how she showers while on the road: ‘You lose a lot of space’

A woman revealed the difference between a “flex” and a “fixed” van lifestyle by showing her two bathroom options.

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The TikTok account @louisthevan is devoted to “tiny and intentional living.” In one video, the content creators offered a look at two possible bathrooms for a van. The first was lavish, while the second was bare bones. Nevertheless, each bathroom had some major downsides.

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First up was the massive back bathroom, which had a full rain shower, toilet and large sink with a vanity mirror. The setup looked chicer than some apartments.

“This rain shower is luxurious but it uses a lot of water so you’ll have to fill up more often,” she said, naming one of the cons.

Another downside of the back bathroom was its price and the time commitment for installation. It would require waterproofing much of the van, and “you lose a lot of space that could otherwise be used for storage.”

The alternative was a compact pop-up shower in the van’s living room. Hidden in a bench, it takes up much less space than the back bathroom when not in use. The cons of the pop-up shower were that you had to connect it to the kitchen faucet, so it was a little more cumbersome. Parts of it also had to be custom-made to fit the van.

People weighed in on which bathroom they would pick.

“If it was a holiday van, the second option. Living in it permanently? First option,” a user wrote.

“I definitely think the second one is more efficient,” a person commented.

“If I’m traveling with someone I’ll definitely choose the first one. But if I’m alone the second will be my go-to,” someone said.

“The first, so you can have a moment fully for yourself,” another added.

“The showers in the back because when it’s not in use you can still stack totes and stuff like that in there just in case,” a TikToker replied.

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