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TikToker shares behind-the-scenes look at KFC’s ‘fine dining’ restaurant

The KFC fine-dining experience is unlike any fast food restaurant on the planet.

At least, that’s how it looked on TikTok. The 11-course meal, which featured everything from champagne to deconstructed popcorn chicken, made its way into countless viral videos. Entrance cost 75 Australian dollars (about $55), and diners had to enter a raffle to earn their entry.

But, as a TikTok from user Samanta Khater (@samantha.khater) shows, the cost may have been worth it. Her video, which now has over 1.5 million views, revealed just how fancy the experience was.

As Samantha’s clip displays, diners were greeted with a glass of champagne. The room featured chicken-shaped lighting fixtures, black tablecloths and wine pairings for the array of dishes.

Next, Samantha ate some so-called “supercharged” wings, which were served over a flaming bed of charcoal. She also dipped bread into a gravy candle, which melted chicken fat in real time.

There were other “insane” dishes, according to Samantha, including popcorn chicken with gnocchi and a gold-crusted drumstick. There was also a dish designed after the chain’s founder, Colonel Sanders, which diners had to lick off their plates to eat.

The desserts were smoking and plated like something from a Michelin-starred restaurant. At the end, diners left with a complimentary bucket of chicken.

Videos from the event left TikTok users jealous. Many couldn’t believe KFC could look so fancy.

“Am I dreaming?” one user asked.

“This is what I call a date,” another joked.

Others were confused by the whole thing and wondered why anyone would want a KFC fine-dining experience.

“Is this a joke?” one user wrote.

“What have we become?” another added.

This isn’t the first time a fast food chain has gone viral for elevating its cuisine. Last year, TikTokers went crazy after discovering the “fancy” version of Wendy’s in Japan. There was a similar freak-out a few months earlier, when users realized Taco Bell is a “high-end” chain in China.

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