TikTokers fall in love with mom’s ‘vision board party’ for her kids

This mom had an adorable vision board party with her kids, complete with fancy beverages and personal snack boards, and viewers are obsessed.

While scrapbooking has been around for ages, vision boards are a more recent phenomenon associated with manifesting goals. Making a vision board is a great way to visualize your intentions and desires through scrapbooking images, quotes, and various odds and ends affiliated with them.

TikToker, parent, and lifestyle virtuoso Kayla Danielle (@kayladanielleart) decided to take the exercise up a notch by throwing a family vision board party. Kayla posted a TikTok of the vision board bash, and viewers loved her idea so much that they’re adding it to their own vision boards.

The charming clip opens with footage of Kayla and her children uniformly placing small wooden boards on the kitchen counter before adding an arrangement of meats, cheeses, crackers, grapes, and jams.

A row of drinking glasses occupies the next shot, where Kayla sprinkles edible gold glitter into each one, followed by assorted berries and sparkling fruit punch for a kid-friendly beverage that’s still sophisticated.

Once the drinks are sparkling and there’s no room left on the snack boards, Kayla and her three adorable, pajama-clad children head to the living room carpet, where poster boards and vision board clip art books await them.

As the video draws to a close, the camera pans over Kayla’s three children, deep in focus, as they cut and paste their future dreams and desires.

Viewers fell in love with Kayla’s brilliant vision board party idea.

“I wanna be like you when I’m a mom,” one user complimented.

“Wow! Giving babies the art of envisioning their goals and working on them! Yes, Sis! Top tier,” cheered one TikToker.

“I’m going to make a parenting vision board, and this is going to be on it,” one viewer shared.
Setting goals can be overwhelming, but vision boards are a fun and engaging way to reflect on your desires through imagination instead of pressure.

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