TikTokers are losing it after seeing what 7-Eleven looks like in Japan

A Tokyo-based TikToker named Alisa (@tokyogirl92) showed what it looks like to get breakfast from the convenience store’s Japanese locations. The video, which showed a very different experience than in the U.S., drew almost 3 million views.

Alisa’s clip is just the latest viral video to show American stores and restaurants differ abroad.

One recent TikTok gave users an inside look at a McDonald’s in Italy, where customers can order whole blocks of cheese. Another showed why Taco Bell China looks much more like a “high-end” restaurant than in the U.S.

Alisa’s video begins with her walking into 7-Eleven Japan to get some breakfast.

The TikToker walks the aisles, which are full of ready-made meals like sandwiches, bento and more. As the L.A. Times reported in 2021, the refrigerated section also typically features tofu bars, udon noodles and boiled eggs topped with tuna. Many meals are so freshly made that their expiration dates are listed in hours.

Alisa then walked to the refrigerated dessert section, where she films a handful of cakes designed as small, adorable characters. She then strolls the bread aisle, which is filled with packaged pastries ranging from croissants and buns to chocolate chip breadsticks.

Finally, Alisa goes to the smoothie section. There she finds several flavors of pre-packed drinks made with all-natural ingredients.

The TikToker moves the smoothie to a touchscreen-activated smoothie machine, which blends the beverage for her. As she explains, most stores offer easy self-checkout machines.

Viewers were largely blown away by the tour.

“American 7/11s could never,” one user wrote.

“Bruh what id grab everything if i was there,” another added.

“Everything in Japan is just better,” another wrote.

Japan’s 7-Eleven stores have long been a subject of American fascination — especially in the lead-up to last year’s Tokyo Olympics.

And the stores aren’t just impressive—they’re omnipresent. The convenience chain was bought by Japanese company Ito-Yokado in 1991. Today Japan has over 21,000 stores, more than any other country in the world.

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