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TikTokers are saying ‘anyway’ to inconveniences: ‘Me acting like I don’t care’

Many TikTokers are acting nonchalant toward their problems, feelings or outside circumstances — and enlisting the help of Young Nudy’s “Loaded Baked Potato” in the process.

Released in 2017, “Loaded Baked Potato” says, “Anyway, yeah, anyway (he ain’t have no clue)/Yeah, anyways (he ain’t have no clue),” at the end of the first verse. TikTokers are using these lyrics to show just how much they don’t care about a myriad of situations.

The trending sound was posted back in July 2020 by @wunnagunnaa. Since then, the audio now has over 20,000 videos attached to it.

“‘The fact you felt the need to look it up is so unnecessary tho,’” joked @fakebapeuser about how he would respond in that situation.

This isn’t the first time a Young Nudy song has been at the center of a TikTok trend. Nudy’s “EA” became part of a 2022 dance trend before returning to the mainstream in early 2023, with users putting it in the background of a CapCut template.

This “anyway” mentality even applies to relationships — or failed ones at that. TRVP (@trvpjayx) used the sound to show how he tries not to care about his former partner after a breakup.

People in the comments knew exactly how @trvpjayx felt and could sympathize with him.

“And gotta mute the homeboys, too, just in case they post him,” replied @stillkmg.

Although it’s just one word, its simplicity allows users to be versatile and creative with the sound. If history repeats itself, Young Nudy will likely have another trending song and viral sound on TikTok. However, right now, users just want to say “anyway” and keep things moving.

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