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TikTokers slammed for basic choices with this Fresh X Reckless bee meme

Whether it’s fashion, music or even TikToks, trends come and go. One of the newest trends on TikTok, in particular, pokes fun at people who stick with the trends and make “basic” choices.

The trend centers around a cartoon bee, who first drops its jaw in amazement and then begins to move its eyebrows and make kiss faces at whatever item was shown in the video. Originally, this video was used in a thirst trap on CapCut. However, the meme now has over 320,000 uses and involves several different subjects.

“Every newbie boxers go to boxing gloves…” wrote @tommydoesboxing in his post.

Those gloves were the default choice for boxers, and artists experienced the same issue in their field.

“Relatives when they don’t know what to buy for the artist in the family,” wrote @candycanecrof in their post.

People in the comments knew the struggle when it came to receiving this gift.


TikTokers are even making fun of users for their choices in drinks.

“POV: every kid in my school right now,” said @grwm.baes_ in the post.

This meme also has an accompanying song that is trending with it. The song in the background of these videos is “Blicky” by Fresh X Reckless. Right now, the sound has over 255,000 posts attached to it — with more than just bee memes under it.

Fresh X Reckless is a musical group from New Orleans, La. Their song, “Captain Save Uh H*,” was the driving force behind the ‘assemble’ trend from earlier this year.

With the viral nature of Fresh X Reckless’s songs and new trends to be discussed, the bee meme is just getting started.

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