Time management, grit to succeed key for these Malaysians who study and work at the same time

Tan Mei Zi
Dharani and Goh are making a living while working hard to further their studies at the same time. — Pictures courtesy of Dharani Devi Eswaran and Joey Goh

PETALING JAYA, Dec 9 — Dharani Devi Eswaran believes that a person never stops learning.

She is taking these words to heart by pursuing her diploma in business management while still keeping her day job as a sales manager.

For Dharani, her decision was motivated by a philosophy of lifelong learning and a desire to perform better in her current position.

“I chose to pursue a diploma programme while working to gain knowledge and the ability to weather adversity,” said the 28-year-old, who is signed up under INTI International University & College’s flexible learning programme.

“I knew that the knowledge that I would learn would not only be interesting to know, but it would also be of good use in my current role and where I plan to go.

“Just because you have achieved a high-level management position, it does not mean that you should stop learning.”

Studying is made easier for her as all course material is available online, freeing her time up to fulfil her personal and family commitments.

“You can watch or listen to the school lecture during your work commute.

“This is not only easy, but it helped me to use my downtime in the most efficient way.”

Even though the thought of furthering her education while keeping her day job was initially daunting, Dharani said that being mindful and organised has allowed her to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“Write things up, take notes, plan well, and you’ll find your life much easier to navigate between research, work, and personal life,” she said.

Sales manager Joey Goh, who is pursuing the same programme, said she was worried at the start about juggling her work and studies.

Having online access to course materials helped Dharani and Goh stay on top of their learning no matter where they were. — Picture from Pixabay

She, however, has the option to attend class once a week for a minimum of four hours.

“There is so much to do within the limited time in a day,” she said.

“These concerns hold important value in my life where if one aspect doesn’t fall in line, it could affect my future plans.

“I made a timetable for myself to study and ensured I allocated my time well, plus I always bring along my laptop and tablet to study and work while travelling.”

The 32-year-old aims to develop a competitive edge by furthering her education and hopes to pursue a master’s degree after wrapping up her diploma.

Goh also encouraged students who are mulling pursuing a flexible learning programme to outline goals for themselves to stay on track.

“Set a goal for yourself, stay focused, and be committed to achieving it within a specific timeline.”

“Don’t give up because of failure because failure doesn’t happen when we give 100 per cent of our commitment.”

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