The time of Warhaven is almost upon us


For anyone awaiting the "full contact sword action" free-to-play PvP game that is Warhaven, you’ll be best pleased to hear that this "visceral medieval-fantasy sword fight experience" finally has a release date.

Having been working on Warhaven for three years now, Nexon has graced us with a date on which to rally the troops for some olde worlde multiplayer slashing, piercing, and magic-wielding fun.

The newest trailer, as featured on our own Future Games Show, gives us a glimpse into the six classes you’ll have a chance to choose from. These include swordsman, spear fighter, saboteur, healer, hammered, and mace-wielding-freight-train.

All builds eventually work toward their final form as an immortal god, which seems like it could make the game just a little harder for other players, although a Medieval-style battle of the gods, complete with cannon and trebuchet, sounds like an evening well spent if you ask me.

With regiments of 16 against 16, epic, magic-infused bloodshed is sure to ensue. If that sounds like your bag, then September 21, 2023, is the day to mark on your calendars. You can wishlist Warhaven on Steam right now, so you don’t miss out on leading your company into a ruthless skirmish.

Should you see fit to join the ranks—without spending a penny, mind you—I'll say this: good luck to you and god speed (gods speed?).