‘Tinned fish date night’ is TikTok’s new standard for romance (and dinner)

No standard tuna sammies here. Foodies on TikTok have a new obsession with tinned fish, and they’re reimagining how to use it in new yummy ways.

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With trendier tinned fish brands like Fishwife, Nuri and Patagonia Provisions cropping up over the last few years, it’s no surprise that there’s a new audience. If you’re scrolling through your FYP these days, you’re bound to spot a “tinned fish date night” video. Here’s everything you need to know so you don’t miss the trendy tinned fish boat.

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A brief history of tinned foods

Eating unrefrigerated fish from a can may seem a little sus, but the practice dates back to the early 1800s in France. After all, before there was refrigeration, people had to come up with ways to preserve foods. In 1795, France had a ton of overseas battles. The French government needed a way to keep their naval soldiers fed at sea. In 1805, chef Nicolas Appert developed the method of canning foods for the French military.

What is canning and tinning exactly?

Tinning, a form of canning, is a practical way to prevent food waste and expiration. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, it is a “method of preserving food from spoilage by storing it in containers that are hermetically sealed and then sterilized by heat.”

Why is tinned fish trending on TikTok?

Chef @alihooke pretty much launched the trend after she shared that, every Friday night, she and her husband have “tinned fish date night.” The hashtag #tinnedfish has 8.4 million views, while #tinfishdatenight has 7.7 million views.

She and her husband use an assortment of tinned sardines, oysters, mussels along with bread, olives and cornichon.

In one video, the chef gave some insight into creating a balanced tinned fish board. She used an assortment of cheeses, hot sauce for mussels, fresh fruits like grapes and passion fruit, raspberry jam, pickled mustard seeds and olives stuffed with peppers.

Many of @alihooke’s videos rack up comments from people inspired by her.

“I’m so glad you shared this date night because now my fiancé and I have tin fish Friday!” a person said.

“Just wanted to let you know I did a tin fish date night tonight just because of you,” a user wrote.

“Just had my tin fish night on Sunday,” another commented.

TikToker @camille.ee_ combined inspiration from @alihooke and Corn Kid for a “corntastic” tinned fish date night.

The user @nomomoomoo had an entire tinned fish date night at the park. It made for quite the elaborate spread.

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