Tiny dancer steals spotlight and captures ‘mood going into Juneteenth’: ‘She understood the assignment’

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Juneteenth is this weekend and this tiny dancer’s knockout performance is the powerful energy we’re bringing to the holiday this year.

The new national holiday is all about celebrating freedom for all Americans, not just a select few. That means Juneteenth has an innate sense of joy and liberation. Sometimes there’s nothing more freeing than dancing like there’s no one watching.

BET shared a video of @Caprithedancer, a 6-year-old dancer, declaring it the official “mood going into Juneteenth weekend.”

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“My grandbaby brought the fire,” the original caption read.

The pink and yellow tutu-wearing little girl was in a dance recital with four other performers but she was upfront for a reason. Little @Caprithedancer was the only one who delivered the choreography perfectly without missing a beat or losing her confidence. She even got her own solo and was the last one to walk off the stage, leaving the crowd cheering for more.

No one can blame a group of kids for messing up complicated dance moves, but that only makes @Caprithedancer stepping up to the plate all the more remarkable.

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

“She understood the assignment,” a user wrote.

“She ate that and left no crumbs,” another said.

“Omg not me hyping her up and I’m not even there. I wish I had that much confidence at her age,” a person commented.

Baby she did not come to play!” a TikToker added.

“She killed this performance!” someone replied.

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