Tiny tots’ terrific take on tiki-taka

Reposted from Yahoo! Eurosport sports blog World of Sport

A kids' football team in America has become an internet sensation for their dazzling brand of tiny tot tiki-taka football.

The California-based under-11 team takes its inpiration from the masters of tiki taka themselves, Barcelona. They've called their team Barcelona-USA, and the kids even play in the same strips as the Catalan giants.

The resemblance is more than just skin deep, however: the kids are entrenched in the tiki-taka philosophy of keeping the ball as much as possible in order to build up patiently, force an opening and deliver a killer blow.

Considering that you're watching kids of 10 and 11 years old, the quality on display is exceptional: the video below shows Barcelona-USA playing against another California-based team called Arsenal in a match that was the semi-finals of the State Cup.

And it was no mismatch: Arsenal have been the top side in the area for 10 years, but they are absolutely taken to school by Barcelona-USA.

For all the talk about improving the standard of football coaching in England to help us close the gap with national sides like Spain and Germany, it looks like we are well behind what even our basket-shooting, bat-swinging cousins across the Atlantic when it comes to building for the future.

As the team's coaches say on their website: "These performances are no accident. It takes meticulous training, studying, and artistry — a craftsman. You can not just throw 11 players on the field and 'talk' about possession. That's just talking. And anybody can do that... you should be asking yourself: 'Do I really care, or am I just a talker?'"

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