TNF Ventures personally funds cloud security company Ohanae

Jacky Yap
e275 April 2013

Singapore cloud security solutions Ohanae gets a six digit investment round out of TNF Ventures’ own fund.

Singapore based cloud storage solution has just announced their funding round from TNF Ventures. While undisclosed, the team shared that it is a six digit round, and is closing its Series A round soon. TNF Ventures also told us that this investment is not part of the NRF TIS scheme.

Ohanae empowers users to create, share, and keep all their files in the public cloud storage and access from multiple devices securely without compromise, making cloud storage and online transactions safer, faster, and more private.

Founded by Greg Hauw, Ohanae Connect delivers an integrated security solution to create and protect unique passwords and encryption keys. Ohanae believes that the best security for cloud storage is to encrypt the data and not give your service providers the keys to un-encrypt it. Sensitive data on endpoint devices must not be subject to data breaches and login passwords cannot be guessed, phished, or stolen.

“At Ohanae, we believe the ultimately security and compliance boils down to being able to protect the data and logins. Trying to control the device, in a lot of cases, is neither necessary nor sufficient. At the end of the day, if you have the ability to protect the data and make sure that your data is not leaking off, you do not have to touch the rest of the device.” said Greg Hauw.

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Ohanae® Connect is designed to be easy to use and understand. First the user opens Ohanae® Connect with the user-defined passphrase and then navigates to the Internet site to login. The user types “*+” to have Ohanae® Connect create a new complex password or “**” at the password input field to simply login to the Internet account with an existing complex password. Ohanae® Connect transparently encrypts your files in the cloud sync folders and local drive. For secure file sharing, user simply right click on the file to be shared, select “Share” from the context menu and follow the onscreen instructions to access their shared list.

So how does Ohanae make money? A single device (free for personal use) will be able to use the entire security system, while a multiple device user (up to eight devices) will pay US$1 per month. Business user pays US$2 per month with centralized management capability from an intuitive web interface.

• Platform supported: Windows 7 and Windows XP.
• Browser supported: Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.
• Content Creation Devices: Windows 8, OS X (Q3 2013)
• Content Consumption Devices: Windows RT, iOS, Android and Windows Phone (Q4 2013)

The investment by TNF Ventures makes sense as Ohanae operates in the same space which one of the founding partner of TNF Ventures has domain expertise in: Eddie Chau. Eddie co-founded Brandtology, an online media monitoring platform, as well as V-Key, a mobile application security software. The investment also follows after TNF Ventures invested in JFDI’s Flocation and TribeHired.

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