Toddler has brutally honest answer to mom’s question about kindness: ‘Cutest villain origin story ever’

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Out of the mouths of babes… One little girl caught her mother off guard with her brutal honesty.

TikTok mom Rachael is a mother of two. Her toddler daughter Maxine is at the age where her personality is really shining through.

One day, Rachael was doing a call-and-response chat with Maxine to boost the girl’s self-esteem.

But when Rachael asked Maxine if she was “kind,” things got unexpectedly real in the funniest way.

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Rachael asked her daughter affirming questions as a way to get the little one hyped. But it didn’t play out the way Rachael had anticipated.

Rachael: Are you smart?

Maxine: Yeah!

Rachael: Are you strong?

Maxine: Yeah!

Rachael: Are you brave?

Maxine: Yeah!

Rachael: Are you pretty?

Maxine: Yeah!

Rachael: Are you kind?

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The little girl paused for a moment, looking pensive. She thought about the question, scratched her arm and finally gave an answer.

Maxine: … Not really.

“Well, that took a turn,” the mom wrote in the caption.

The funny video received 27.4 million views and 5.6 million likes on TikTok.

“Admitting you have a problem is the first step,” someone commented.

“Self-aware. A rare quality. I love it,” another wrote.

“Cutest villain origin story ever!” a user said.

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