Tom Cruise is in Henry Cavill's crosshairs in 'Mission: Impossible — Fallout' scene (exclusive)

We’re less than two weeks away from the debut of Mission: Impossible — Fallout, which means the wait is almost over for the best film of the summer (and the best action film in quite a few years). Tom Cruise’s sixth go-round as secret agent Ethan Hunt is a blockbuster tailor-made to be seen on the biggest screen possible — including, if you can, Imax — thanks to a series of set pieces that are as enormous as they are insane. And to get you ready for its debut, we now have an exclusive scene to debut for you from the upcoming espionage extravaganza.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout finds Hunt and his IMF comrades — Benji (Simon Pegg), Luther (Ving Rhames), and boss Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) — searching for a trio of plutonium cores that are also wanted by the Apostles, a criminal organization born from the ashes of Rogue Nation’s Syndicate. Hunt loses his shot at obtaining those valuable assets in the opening moments of Fallout, and in the scene above, he’s informed by Hunley that the IMF can no longer rely on him to finish the job the way he wants to — or protect him should he decide to try something on his own. Moreover, it’s made painfully clear to Hunt that, should he stray from the path that’s been set before him, his newest partner, CIA assassin August Walker (Henry Cavill) has orders to kill him — which, as Walker nonchalantly admits, is “the job. No hard feelings.”

Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie (who also spearheaded Rogue Nation) and also featuring Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett, Sean Harris, Wes Bentley, and Michelle Monaghan, Mission: Impossible — Fallout is destined to thrill moviegoers when it debuts in theaters on July 27.

About that time the Mission: Impossible crew thought Tom Cruise died performing a stunt:

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