Tom Hanks Is An A-List Cupid Helping A Guy Propose At Book Fest

ActorTom Hankshas been in enoughromantic comediesto know how to help during a real-life wedding proposal.

The Oscar-winning actor played A-list cupid in the engagement of Ryan McFarling and Nikki Young at theTexas Book Festivalin Austin, Texas, on Saturday.

Hanks was promoting his new book Uncommon Type: Some Stories during a Q&A event when he declared he was bored with the questions and wanted to ask one himself,KVUEof Austin reported.

“Here’s Ryan’s question, and it is for Nikki Young,” Hanks said in the clip below. “Nikki, will you marry me?”

McFarling took a knee in front of a pleasantly shocked Young, who was sitting in the front row. Then Hanks ushered them onto the stage where McFarling presented the ring ― and received a “yes” from Young. 

“I couldn’t breathe, I almost fainted,” the bride-to-be said in a Facebook video posted by KVUE’s Molly Oak.

Young went on to call it the “most epic proposal ever” and said she was a “super fangirl” of Hanks.

Here’s to a Hollywood happy ending for Nikki and Ryan.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.