Tom Holland Admits He Has Way Too Many Spider-Man Toys, Sleeps in Spidey Blanket

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Tom Holland literally wraps himself up in his work. “I have loads of Spider-Man blankets, they’re so soft,” says the 21-year-old actor. It’s a ringing endorsement from the star of July’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, who assumed the mantel of Peter Parker in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and thus has a very personal connection with the latest merchandise, as he revealed in a recent Facebook Live interview (watch it above) with Yahoo Movies. “I cuddle myself when I sleep,” he joked (we think). “I’m a method actor.”

The London native conceded he’s overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Spidey swag. “The craziest thing is actually walking through Target,” he said when asked if it’s still surreal to think he’s playing one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book/movie history. “Target [stores] have aisles and aisles and aisles dedicated to Spider-Man. I don’t look at Spider-Man and go, ‘Oh look, there’s me.’ Because that’s crazy to think. But now that I start to see these Spider-Man [collectibles] in my costume, it’s now starting to really sink in that I am Spider-Man.”

Holland also admitted he buys Spider-Man merch all the time, which might explain why his bedroom in the flat he recently purchased has become overrun by webcrawlers. “We have loads of figures. My family now, when it comes to my birthday, they’re like, ‘Oh, we’ll just get him something Spider-Man.’

“And I’m so sick of Spider-Man toys. Literally [in] my room, I must have about 15 different Spider-Man toys just dotted around my room. It’s weird, I wake up and I feel like I’m being watched by myself.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7.

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