Tom Morello records son with 13-year-old 'prodigy' son

Tom Morello has called his son a shredding prodigy credit:Bang Showbiz
Tom Morello has called his son a shredding prodigy credit:Bang Showbiz

Tom Morello has recorded a track with his 13-year-old son because the teen is a "shredding prodigy".

The Rage Against the Machine rocker has teamed up with Roman to record 'Soldier In The Army Of Love' for his new solo album and he revealed the youngster became a guitar whizz after spending the COVID-19 lockdowns learning to play the instrument.

Tom told NME: "[The song is] a collaboration with my 13-year-old son, Roman. During the pandemic, while the rest of us were baking bread and trying to learn a language, he was practising guitar for eight hours a day.

"I’ve been relegated to being the rhythm guitar player in my family as I have a shredding prodigy now who’s really giving me a run for my money."

He added of his decision to work on a track with Roman: "One day I was walking by his room and these huge drop-D riffs were coming out of there and I said ‘What’s that’ and he said ‘Oh, I’ve just been working on some riffs, do you think these go well together?’

"I was like ‘Son. Those go very well together and we’re about to write our first song together."

He said of the song: "It’s got huge Morello riffs from multi-generations and a shredding guitar solo where you have to guess which one of us played.”

Tom went on to reveal he's "so proud" of Roman's musical ability because he's been putting in hours of practice to improve his skills, calling his hard work "inspiring".

'Soldier In The Army Of Love' is set for release on June 28 and features on Tom's upcoming solo album. He's yet to reveal any further details about the record, which will be his first ever full-length solo record following previous side projects including The Nightwatchman.