Tominaga Ai was two-timed by Shioya Shun

Tominaga Ai was two-timed by Shioya Shun

30 Apr – Actor Shioya Shun has found himself in the centre of an amorous scandal when a third party has been revealed in the recently public relationship between him and model Tominaga Ai.

According to source of Tokyo Hive, Shioya was discovered to be two-timing a pastry chef and talent named Sonoyama Makie, when reports of him and Tominaga dating were reported on a weekly tabloid.

Neither Tominaga or Sonoyama were aware of each other's existence, until Sonoyama read the report and Tominaga was informed by a mutual friend of both ladies about Sonoyama. To make matters worse, Shioya had allegedly promised that he would marry the 34-year-old Sonoyama.

Needless to say, Tominaga's initial heart-warming confession of being love struck quickly turned into embarrassment and anger, as she later discontinued her Twitter account and posted on her blog that she and Shioya are not yet an item.

All eyes would be watching on Tominaga as she is expected to be appearing on a Friday news programme this week, where she made the confession last week about her newfound relationship.