Tommy Gun Witches is a free detective adventure about exactly what it sounds like

 Tommy Gun Witches.
Tommy Gun Witches.

Take a half hour or so out of your day, because though it's now November the truth is that spooky season never ends. So here's a bit of spoopiness for you: Indie whodunit detective adventure Tommy Gun Witches is a free game you can grab off of and it's a pretty good time.

Created by indie dev Cosmic Void, it's a supernatural mystery where you're clicking around and chatting up witnesses to figure out a crime that only you have the special skills to solve. (Actually, probably lots of other people could solve it, but it's your problem.

"You play as a detective who investigates crimes committed by witches, gremlins, devils, you get the picture," says the creator.

"Witches were banished to another dimension, yet some have managed a surreptitious return. A recent murder oddly mirrors their distinctive methods. It's up to you to unravel the threads of the enigmatic murder puzzle," they continue.

I quite liked my time with Tommy Gun Witches, which doesn't overstay its moody and thematic welcome. I'm especially a sucker for any game that revolves entirely around a single map of a single neighborhood, encouraging you to consider spatial relationships and movements between places in your mystery-solving.

You can find Tommy Gun Witches on itch, and Cosmic Void's games are funded via Patreon.