Tony Leung and family support domestic help battle cancer

20 Feb – Netizens and fans alike recently sang praises for Tony Leung Kar Fai for his kindness and charitable act, after it was revealed that he assisted his house helper who was battling cancer.

As reported on Epoch Times, the news of Tony's good deed was recently highlighted by his own daughter Nikkie, who shared a photo of the family maid, Delia, whom she fondly called "jie jie" (sister).

She wrote, "Mid November this beautiful woman was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer (7cm), now she is Cancer Free!"

"After months of going to the hospital every day, diet change (keto diet), [chemotherapy] (once a week), radiation (5 days a week), internal radiation (4 times under full anesthesia)... Bye Bye 7cm cervical cancer!"

Nikkie also expressed admiration for Delia, saying that the latter has been so strong and positive throughout her struggle.

"You never gave up, still with a big big smile! I love you so much. God Bless You," she wrote.

Nikkie then revealed that her parents, especially dad Tony - whom she said regarded Delia as a best friend - also played a big part in her recovery.

"Thank you to my parents for driving us to the hospital every day, and going to doctors' appointment and waiting on chemo days to make sure everything goes smoothly," she said.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Delia has been working with the Leung family for 30 years, even having a significant role in raising Tony's two daughters, Nikkie and Chloe.

(Photo Source: Nikkie Leung Instagram)