Top 10 foodie trends of 2015 in Singapore

Yahoo Singapore looks back at the 10 dishes and drinks that Singaporeans went crazy for in 2015.


Image: O’ma Spoon/ Instagram

10. Cold brewed coffee
Nope, it’s not the same as iced coffee. Coffee connoisseurs have long taken to this drink, which uses a centuries’ old method of coffee brewing. Now, cold brewed coffee (or cold brews) are becoming such a cafe mainstay that some joke of it being the hipster’s go-to drink. How it’s made: ground coffee is steeped overnight for that concentrated essence. The coffee concentrate is then diluted with water and chilled, before being served. The result is a cup of java that’s smoother and less acidic than your average cup of heat-extracted coffee. You can even try making your own cups of cold brews at home, with this do-it-yourself guide.

9. Coconut water


Image: Provenance Distributions

Never has coconut water seemed so ubiquitous here until this year. From supermarket buys to upmarket finds, this refreshing tropical drink has been snapped up by Singaporeans. While detractors might prefer getting it fresh from the coconut itself, you can’t beat the convenience of packaged drinks; you’ll easily find a dozen brands all over the drink aisles. While coconut water might not be the “miracle water” that some tout it to be, its popularity still shows no signs of diminishing.

8. Coconut ice cream


Image: Pong Gelato/ Instagram

That hankering for coconuts extends to this dessert too. Scoops of this ice-cream is served in coconut husks and topped with nuts and sweet sauces, much as it is done at street markets in Bangkok. Some stores such as Koko Ice Cream and Qoolco will serve the dish with a cup of coconut water. You can also find a dairy-free alternative to the coconut ice-cream at Pong Gelato.

7. Gyu don (beef rice bowl)
More cafes and restaurants have started serving bowls of this simple yet so satisfying dish. While the primary ingredients tend to be just sliced beef, rice and sauce, the quality meats used make this rice bowl so irresistible. It’s comfort food at its best indeed. To add to its appeal, some restaurants will serve up ebi roe, wobbly “onsen” eggs and even foie gras on the rice bowl. Check out our top 12 gyu don list here.

6. Cakeshakes


Image: The Benjamins/ Facebook

These over-the-top milkshakes may come with calorie-heavy towers of sweets. But that hasn’t stopped Singaporeans from lapping them up. To create these oversized desserts, candy floss, marshmallow, pretzels and even chunks of cake stacked on top of richly indulgent milkshakes. This foodie trend which originated in Canberra, Australia continues to be the mainstay dessert of local cafes such as The Benjamins and Cake Spade.

5. Shibuya toast


Image: Dazzling Cafe Singapore

Seriously, it’s as if Singaporeans can’t ever fully sate their sweet tooth. This Japanese-style toast has now made its way to Singapore, with local cafes as well as new foodie stops serving up photogenic plates of this dessert. These thick cubes of toast come covered with ice-cream, fruits, honey and sweet-savoury sauces. Chief among the newcomers is Dazzling Cafe from Taiwan, which offers the thick toast as one of its signature dishes. Read on for the 18 best places to go for all types of toast.

4. Gourmet burgers
Long gone are the days when burgers come served as just convenience food. The gourmet burger trend has transformed the grab-and-go dish to one with tender grilled meats, mouthwatering presentation and glazed buns that are toasted just right. While such top-of-the-range burgers are not new to Singapore, 2015 has seen popular international chains such as MEATLiquor from London, The Butchers Club Burger from Hong Kong set up shop here. Even fast food chains like McDonald’s have hopped onto the trend with customised burgers and premium ingredients.

3. Korean Fried Chicken


Image: Chir Chir/ Instagram

The Hallyu craze hasn’t died down one bit and the same goes for our love of Korean cuisine. More specifically, the Korean fried chicken dish: those tender, marinated sweet drumlets that Singaporeans can’t get enough of. In fact, 2015 has seen even more specialty stores sprouting all over Singapore. Franchise chain Chicken Up now has as many as five outlets, while Chir Chir, Twins Korean Restaurant, Chicken Clinic, Ssiksin Chicken and more new entrants have also opened within the same year. See our top 10 must-tries in this list.

2. Mookata


Image: Tom Yum Kungfu/ Facebook

Is it the guilty latherings of lard, the charcoal fire or the spicy marinades that gets Singaporeans so in love with Mookata? Whatever it is, it looks like the Thai-style barbeque steamboat trend is here to stay. This do-it-yourself meal features a dome-shaped skillet where you’ll put your plates of meats and seafood to grill and sizzle on. A flavourful broth is also added to the soup “moat” surrounds the skillet, which you can soak and boil your ingredients of choice. Save this list of top Mookata stops, so you’ll know where to go when the craving hits.

1. Korean Bingsu
It’s the trending dessert of 2015 and the Korean take on ice kachang. Made of milky shaved ice, condensed milk and rice cakes, Korean bingsu typically comes topped with an array of toppings such as red bean, sesame powder, fruits and ice-cream. It helps that some stores here have gone all out with the presentation, such that each serving becomes a colourful tower of sweet treats. If you still can’t get enough of bingsu, check out these 15 places to go for this Korean dessert.

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